Sweet Dreams

Posted by Toushonta Hogan on 4/3/2016

Bath Lovers

Posted by Toushonta Hogan on 2/8/2016

With Valentines just around the corner, why not love on yourself this Valentines Day and / or your significant other with a Relaxing bath?  Sooth, relax, unwind, and breathe. Add the following to your bath to not only relax but to also draw out toxins and enjoy!!! 

Add 75 ml of Coconut oil 
10 drops Lavender essential oil 
Handful of Epson Salts 

Light our Scentsational Candle, and wash away your worries with our Rich & decadent Soaps. Next, apply our Sugar scrub in a circular motion to remove all dead skin. Rinse and Dry off and apply a dime size amount of our concentrated Body Butter to your skin. Follow it up with a Spritz of our beautifully fragrant body mist. You can find more Scentsational Soaps products at www.scentsationalsoaps.com 

*** Please be careful when getting out of the tub as the oils may cause it to be Slippery***

Love Never Felt So Green

Posted by Toushonta Hogan on 2/2/2016

No silly, we are not talking about money although it is DEFEINIETLY something that we LOVE!! We are letting you in our Love potion that we make every morning before starting off our day. It’s invigorating, healthy, tasty, nutritious and filling.  It’s something that our bodies need daily and once having a glass or two during the day, your body will LOVE YOU!! It’s Green Smoothies!!!  To get started, you can practically grab everything from Trader Joes! Greens, Frozen Fruit, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, water, etc.


Pictured above: Green Smoothie with Coconut chips, hemp seeds, Chia seeds, and dried cranberries. 

These are my favorite and it helps make my skin look at feel great, O, and not to mention make me look younger.  Now, that’s a BONUS!!!! Because we are incredibly busy during the day , I usually pre-pack my smoothie in Ziplock bags an throw them in the freezer. In the morning I just grab them from the freezer, add my liquid, protein, and / or extras such as matcha green tea, chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc. and let my nutribullet do the rest. Pictured below is a sample of how I put my fruits in the ziplock bags together. 


It’s important not to use too many fruits as this is sugar. And although, it’s natural too much of anything especially suagr is not good for you. Instead, add a lil Stevia for the sweetness? One of my favorite smoothies to make is the following:


Blend Greens Separately to make for a smooth smoothie: 

 2 handfuls of Power blend greens from Costco (Kale, Spinach and Chard)

Water – fill water to max line on the nutribullet 

 Next Add:

4 Strawberries, 

1 Banana, 

fill water to max line in the nutribulle,   

1 scoop of protein (Aria fron Trader Joes) , 

1 teaspoon of hemp seeds, 

1 teaspoon of  chia seeds

1 teaspoon of stevia

1 teaspoon of matcha green tea


Blend it all  together and pour into a cup and / or jar. You can purchase jars from Ralphs, Michaels Arts & Crafts or any local grocery store. Enjoy!!!! 


What’s your favorite smoothie blend? Please share as we would love to try them!



Spotlight: All That & More Boutique

Posted by Toushonta Hogan on 1/25/2016

We're EXCITED to feature one of our favorite stockist; All That & More Boutique. We had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the owner; Candance Simmons, to learn more about her fabulous boutique. Not only will you find beautiful and stylist clothing & accessories BUT also, Scentsational Soaps products within her adorable boutique. Please read more about Candance how she got started and what you can find within her boutique.  

Pictured above: Candance Simmons, owner of All That & More Boutique 

Please share your story. How did All That & More boutique begin? 

I grow up in South Central Los Angeles with my Mom and Dad both worked hard. They worked hard but taught us all the important of making a contribution to the family. I watched my brothers and sisters work and go to school or work and have a side hustle. I starting working at 17 but sold jewelry on the side. I used my side hustle to buy things I was told my real/work money should not be spent on. I love designer shoes/boots and handbags. 
 It was my life long dream to have a clothing boutique.  I watched my Mom go into a small uniform store (located on Vernon & Vermont) and shop for nursing uniforms. Nursing uniforms in the 70's were short and sassy. I loved to watch her twirl each time she came out of the dressing room. She passed away when I was 14. When my corporate position of 25 years was eliminated, I asked God and my husband if I could live my dream of owning a clothing boutique. We stepped out on faith and I partner with someone. The partnership ended.  After we dissolved the partnership, because failure wasn't not an option for me, God helped me move forward with All That & MORE boutique in the same location as the previous boutique. I've been in the location for 6 years in May. 

How long have you been in business? 

May 15, 2016 will mark 6 years in business four as a sole owner 

The Entrance of "All That & More Boutique" 

What would a person find when visiting your boutique?

All That & MORE boutique is just that All That & MORE. We are located in Culver City inside the Raintreee Plaza. We offer the celebrity experience to the everyday person who wants to enhance their personal style. We help women raise their confident by enhancing their self image with fashion. We help them enter any room with confidence.  Our style is comfy, classy, casual, with an edge. We have women clothing and accessories, men accessories, and a consignment room with designer items. I have had the pleasure of meeting and styling various celebrities like actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dawn Lewis, Loretta Devine, Carlease Burkes, director play-writer Don B Welch, and R&B singer Kenny Lattimore, and many others. My passion is to help women who are transiting in life to make these transitions with confidence. It doesn't matter whether your a size 00 or 22. We all have life moments that can cause us to feel less than or hesitant move forward.  When we are asked to attend a wedding, interview for a new job, have new baby, get divorced or go out on a first date, we need a stylist to help us look our best. That's where All That & MORE boutique comes in! We style each client who comes into the boutique! I have heard women cry in the dressing room because they were able to fit into a pair of pants. We offer a vanity cut.

Pictured Above: Stylish but yet comfy clothing and MORE at All That & More Boutique 

What has been the most challenging situation since starting your business? 

My failed Partnership was the most challenging thing to date. I hold people close to my heart and know God gives us all gifts and seasons. When seasons are over we must change and let go. Letting go was hard for me but once I let go things increased 100%. 

Since starting your business, how has your boutique been affected by the community? (relationships, friendships, etc.) 

Building a Community has been the life line of my small business. My business is built on relationships with my vendors, designers, family, friends, Arise Christian Center members, collaboration with Big Businesses and others small business (some of my first collaboration The Silver Feather, Wraps By Renzel,  Don B Welch Production, Manly Handz, and Scentsational Soaps) Relationship meaning relating to and connecting with each area of my community. When your client know that you are for them and respectful of their dollars they do the same for you. I have not always gotten it 100% correct across the board but I have done my best to make it right. I listen to my community needs. My clients want quality service and products every time. I partner with businesses that offer these services and can take and implement ongoing feedback. The small business collaborations are very important. I only partner with small businesses who get our Brand, what we stand for and we deliver the same level of products and services.  We all share our clients, not our client list but referrals. Nordstrom has made our boutique a community partner. We respect their service and quality model. Their Philosophy and Mac specialist have hosted boutique events for my VIP clients. Team work makes our dream work. 

Pictured Above: You can find Scentsational Soaps products

What are some words of wisdom for an individual wanting to start their own business? 

Pray over every aspect of your business. Pray for daily direction and the team to help you build your dream. Work with a mentor and organization to help you develop your business plan. The PCR Small Business Development Center was instrumental in helping develop my business. Get a great marketing team or coach.  Natalie Gouché coaches me on my social media. Give back and look within your Community. We have worked with fashion merchandising interns from the Culver City High School's ROP program. Arise Christian Center feeds me spiritually and keeps me seeking God's help in my business. Create a community and help them grow their community while working with you. I have partnered with Medical Doctors, Fitness Trainers, Executive Coaches, Authors, Financial Planners, new designers, and professional organizations to help them increase their clientele while doing the same for mine. Become a mentor and maintain an accountability partner. Don't be afraid to do it on your own. God gave you the vision and he will send you the right people to help you build it. Partnership must be clearly defined and in some cases may not be necessary. What you think you need in a partnership can be found in a team member who is hired to support your vision. Last but not least, I'm so thankful for all friends and family members who continue to support me and remind me "No matter what it looks like, with God you win." 

How can we get in contact with you and visit your store? 

All That & More Boutique 
10754 Jefferson Blvd. 
Culver City, CA 90230
Candance Simmons